Yogesh Suraksha Design Studio is a Graphic Design firm based in New Delhi, India. With over a decade of industry experience,
the best of clients and an array of services, we can boast of a portfolio, most can only dream of.
We are a small firm and would like to remain so.

Reason? Easy manageability and undivided focus -

The client.
That is why once our clients have worked with us, they keep coming back. Our limited team size guarantees direct involvement between all disciplines and focus on our core competencies. And since we don't have layers of people to service, communication between us and the client never gets lost.
And at the end of it, since our operating costs are low, it's an advantage when we budget projects.

That is what we exist for. We don't have to say it.
Our work will.

Yogesh Gajwani graduated from College of Art,
New Delhi in 1992. He spent three years at Satish Sud Graphics, where his design skills were honed by the renowned graphic designer.
The following four years with Contract Advertising,New Delhi, gave him an opportunity to create for the best of the corporate world,
also giving him an insight to the marketing and client servicing aspects.

Suraksha Gajwani is a product of Delhi Collegeof art. After her graduation in 1994, she continued working as a free lance designer,
creating book covers, logos, posters, corporate stationery and brochures.

In 1998, the two decided to work together to form Yogesh Suraksha Design Studio. Today, we provide design services to companies, business houses, publishers, advertising agencies and individuals in India and abroad.

Most of the works in this site have been undertaken from concept stage, photography coordination, to final printing.